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The Package
Brackla Chiropractic knew that they wanted a bespoke package putting together to suit the needs of their Bridgend based business. 

Client Brief
This business knew that they wanted a modern website. Since we already had some of their existing branding, we could base the themes of the website around their exiting branding. So, we used the green colour from their existing branding for the theme colour. Once we decided on the basic colour scheme, we could then start work on basic design of the website. 

Once they were happy with the modern layout and the typography we selected, the basis of the design was finalised.  

The Process
Before we started inserting the business’ information onto the site, we decided it would be best to place the stock images, first. This way, we would have the layout of the site ready and we could place the information around it. 

Once we had the images and the information on the site, Brackla wanted to separate the site into multiple sections with a top menu to take you to each part of the site. This makes the information easily accessible. 

They also wanted a website that has a way of contacting them. We achieved this brief by inserting a contact form onto the site. 

We kept amending the site until they were completely happy with the design and the included information. Then the website was complete.

She also wanted her menus updating so we recreated the existing ones with the new prices. 

The Delivery
During the course of the project, we helped Brackla Chiropractic to establish an online brand identity through their bespoke website. 

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