Logo – Website – E-commerce Shop – Email Marketing Campaign – Social Media Marketing 

The Package
From the get-go our client wanted a bespoke package putting together to suit the needs of their Conwy based business.

First, we started out designing Chantelle Tyler Roberts a logo, as part of our all-inclusive packages. We set about creating the company’s ideal logo, coming up with many different ideas and concepts. 

Client Brief
Chantelle Tyler Roberts wanted a logo that was representative of the intricate and the beautiful aspects of the business’ work. 

The logo took a few revisions to get the style of calligraphy. A lot of beauticians and similar companies use this intricate calligraphy, which would make the logo recognisable despite being just text. 

Once the logo was finalised, we were able to then move on to the web design.

Chantelle Tyler Roberts wanted a website that was modern and sophisticated.

The website would have to tell potential customers what services and products that Chantelle Tyler Roberts offers, whilst conveying the quality of their work. 

The Process
Once our graphic designers began working in sync with the client, we kept amending and adjusting the design of the website until it was absolutely perfect.

This comes from our UNLIMITED REVISIONS guarantee, which allowed Chantelle Tyler Roberts to have a big say in the design process of her site. We made some small adjustments and the basis of the website was complete. 

The client also specified that they wanted website that listed all of the services that they offer, a way of demonstrating examples of their work to customers and a way of purchasing products from the website. We achieved this brief by adding their information to their website, adding photos of the services on offer and we set up an e-commerce store.  

Furthermore, once the website was set up, Chantelle Tyler Roberts wanted an email and a social media marketing campaign setting up. This meant that we created an advert which would be sent to a mailing list and uploaded to their social media pages. 

The Delivery
Within a short period of starting the project, we had helped Chantelle Tyler Roberts; establish a brand identity through designing a bespoke logo and a website. This allows customers to purchase her products online and we advertised this to meet more potential clients. So, we enhanced their online presence, allowed easy e-commerce and market the business. 

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