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The Package
Paul contacted Lisa at RMJ Gifts and we were soon sat in her family home discussing her lovely handmade and specially selected crafts. For which, Lisa wanted a website which she could sell and promote her products from.

Client Brief
Lisa’s website needed to be welcoming, very visual and allow her customers to browse her products and get in touch if they liked the look of anything in particular.
With these things in mind, Liby took the reins and designed a visually beautiful website which highlighted the lovely gifts and bespoke jewellery that RMJ Gifts offers.

The Process
To make RMJ Locket’s website we first had to work on the graphics.
To best promote RMJ’s products we had to create banners and sliders which would complement their range.
With the banners sorted, Liby then set about adding Lisa’s products and cataloguing them alongside a contact form so that her customer’s could contact her directly to enquire about stock levels or the gift they wanted.

The Delivery
With Christmas markets cancelled across the UK this year, RMJ’s website will give them a chance to offer locals the opportunity to shop locally and get high quality gifts.
Once we had handed over Lisa’s website, we then featured her site and product range on our newly launched Virtual Christmas Market, which RMJ Gifts inspired us to create.

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